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You put in every effort to keep your home environment clean and healthy. But you often ignore that some harmful pollutants and allergens have entered your premises through air ducts. Yes, your air conditioning unit is attached to the air duct system, which circulates air all across your living space. With time, it gathers dust, allergens, bacteria, and pet dander. Additionally, it develops mold that builds up inside the air ducts and circulates with air. This pollutes your environment unnoticeably.

CAD Cleaning provides professional cleaning services and is known for honesty, transparent pricing and top-notch quality in Timber Pines FL and surrounding areas. We are NADCA certified, licensed and insured local experts. We never charge extra and don’t leave your premises until you are fully satisfied with our job.

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Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality with Air Duct Cleaning

You may feel that the air quality inside your premises is getting poorer day by day, but you may not realize the reason behind it. Air ducts need regular cleaning just like any other surfaces in your home do. They tend to accumulate dust, grime and other pollutants over time. To maintain a hygienic and healthy indoor environment, you must hire cleaning specialists.

CAD Cleaning offers robust cleaning and disinfecting services to rid your in-home environment of contaminants and debris. Since it is not easy to access the inside of ducts, taking advantage of our expert services ensures that the cleaning job is done correctly. We have a team of trained and skillful technicians. Plus, we have the latest equipment and years of experience to back our air duct cleaning services.

Our team starts the work with a detailed inspection of your air ducts with our state-of-the-art inspection tools. We deep clean the outer covers, insides of ducts and air supply sources with our specialized equipment. After cleaning, we sanitize the air ducts using eco-friendly products, which give you fresh smelling and clean indoor air. We run your HVAC system after completing the job to ensure it’s properly clean to your satisfaction. You enjoy better airflow and the benefits of an energy and cost–efficient HVAC system. 

Significantly Reduce Risks with Dryer Vent Cleaning

The dryer vent is another vital component in your home that needs regular cleaning and maintenance. You might be cleaning the internal and accessible parts of the vent, but deep vent cleaning needs professional help. CAD Cleaning is an expert in dryer vent cleaning in Timber Pines FL and surrounding areas. If you haven’t cleaned the vent for quite a long time, you have no idea of the dirt, lint and debris, which might have accumulated inside of it, putting your system and property at the risk of a fire.

With our specialized equipment and techniques, we determine the functioning of your dryer unit and airflow. By using our tools and expertise, we scrub and clean the stubborn lint, dirt and debris glued to the inside walls of the vent. We thoroughly clean and again measure the performance of your dryer system. Our services improve efficiency and increase the life of your dryer unit.

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