Enhance Indoor Air Quality with Air Duct and Dryer
Vent Cleaning in Sumter County FL

Vent Cleaning Specialists in Sumter County Florida

Over time, your HVAC system collects a wide range of contaminants, such as molds, bacteria, debris, small dust particles, etc., that have potential health effects. It is vital for healthy living that you remove these contaminants from your indoor air. Regular air ducts cleaning ensures that you have clean air inside your property. However, deep cleaning is not possible without professional cleaning services.

You may be able to clean the visible parts of your air duct system and dryer vent, but the invisible parts remain unclean, which becomes a cause of air contamination. You might not be able to realize that your indoor air quality is getting poor until you start experiencing health problems such as flu, cough, respiratory issues, or allergies.

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CAD Cleaning is NADCA certified, insured and licensed local company that offers professional cleaning services in Sumter County, FL. We are specialists in helping you to improve your indoor air quality through deep cleaning of your air ducts and dryer vents. Our company has the equipment, experience, knowledge and team that enable us to deliver state-of-the-art cleaning services to our clients. Along with removing dust and debris, we expertly remove bacteria, molds, mildew and other contaminants to ensure better air quality inside your living space. This gives you fresh, healthy and clean air to breathe.

Efficient Air Duct Cleaning Services

A dirty air duct system not only contributes to contamination of your indoor air but also raises your energy bills and lowers the performance of your HVAC system. The clean air duct system is key to your healthy indoor air quality. If you are ignoring it until now, immediately contact CAD Cleaning for air duct cleaning in Sumter County FL. Dirty air ducts pull harmful contaminants every time it operates. You inhale these airborne pollutants with breathing, which has a negative impact on your health.

With our punctual, efficient and timely air duct cleaning services, we give you peace of mind that you are breathing fresh and clean air. We use the latest equipment and expertise to clean every nook and corner of the duct system across your space. Through our unique cleaning and sanitization techniques, we eliminate bacteria, molds, mildew and any other contaminants to ensure clean air quality for a long time.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Sumter County FL

You often fail to realize how important it is to clean your dryer vent thoroughly. According to the report of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 16,700 house fires resulted from a dryer vent. And the number is increasing. It is due to the accumulation of lint inside the vent and machine, which congests it and causes the dryer to heat up. You might be cleaning the trap regularly, which gathers lint but not able to reach deep inside the vent and machine components. If you are noticing that your dryer is heating up and not giving an optimal performance, immediately give us a call. Our expert cleaning services know how to clean the dryer vent and ensure your safety thoroughly.

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  • $30 per vent
  • Free Sanitation
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  • Chimney Cleaning $189
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  • Single story homes $79.00
  • Two story homes $119.00